Exclusive to NGCOA Members


Exclusive to NGCOA Members


Exclusive to NGCOA Members

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Please note:

  • Discounted rates are not available in CA, HI, NY and Washington, DC.
  • The plan is underwritten by Aetna. Rate deviations may not be available for current customers.
  • The plan is subject to underwriting criteria and terms will vary based on submission information. A quotation is not guaranteed.

NGCOA Insurance Services is designed to bring back the fairness in buying health insurance for your employees. Typically, rich benefit plans are only available to large corporations. No matter your size, your employees will receive top-tier, affordable, flexible benefits. By pooling groups together, we maintain a healthy population and gain the buying power to keep renewals low.


These benefits also include Pharmacy, Dental, and Vision insurance. NGCOA members can save an average of 10% on their healthcare and pharmacy spend.

Life & Disability

We understand the package wouldn’t be complete without life Insurance and disability income protection coverage for your employees, so we offer that, too. NGCOA members can save an average of 10%.


Big savings with a big benefit!